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Eagle Bank has served the greater St. Louis region for over 100 years with a consistent focus on providing the community with great products, personal customer care, and responsible fiscal management.  With their amazing customer service and wide product selection, it's no wonder area families and businesses have been flying high with Eagle Bank for over a century.

“It’s the City’s golden moment to establish a major presence in the tech industry.”

Ryan Weber joined KCnext as president in 2011, launching the organization as the region’s only TECNA-affiliated technology council. Before KCnext, Ryan served as director for the Midwest Division of Angel Capital Group, where he focused on recruiting angel investors to the Greater Kansas City region to fund various ventures in the area.

As the technology council for Greater Kansas City, KCnext is committed to growing the existing base of technology firms, recruiting and attracting technology companies, aggregating and promoting KC regional technology assets and providing peer interaction and industry news.

KCnext connects, promotes and supports the regional tech industry in three main ways: Throughout the year, KCnext hosts a number of networking, educational and executive-only events to facilitate personal connections and source partnerships within the Kansas City region. Second, KCnext works to place KC tech news in top-tier national media, elevating Kansas City as a technology hub through valuable impressions online and in print. Finally, KCnext provides access to talent, resources and business partners for its member-companies and community partners. Why do you think that Kansas City is perfectly positioned to become a major hub for the tech industry?